A small foster based rescue in Acworth, Georgia 
helping local dogs that need us the most.


Once a month we spend our Saturdays at Hollywood Feed 


2295 TowneLake Pkwy

Woodstock GA 30189

(dogs only)

Every other Sunday we are at Petco 


3372 Cobb pkwy 

Acworth Ga 30101

(dogs and Cats)

Individual meet and greets are available throughout the week with approved applicants.

The Amazing Mutts and Wiggle Butts difference


We will help when we can and where we can. Often times those dogs in our local community that need us the most.


All of our dogs are in loving foster homes where they can learn best what it is to be a part of the family; we never board our babies.


Each dog that does through our rescue will have Lifetime membership. If they need to come back for any reason we welcome them with open arms.


Ohana means family and family means no one is left behind or forgotten. When a family of pups is in need we help the whole family.

Dog of the Month



This girl is so full of personailty. She will keep you on your feet, or possibly knock you over with kisses!!! 


We continue to work with Diamond everyday, while embracing all the amazing things that makes Diamond, Diamond.

Diamond came to rescue as a crazy out of control, fence jumper, with extreme crate anxiety and separation anxiety. We were up for a challenge!

Diamond was fully vetted in August, vaccines, spayed, microchipped, tested negative for heartworms, the basic. But she was a hot mess and would need a gem like herself to adopt her otherwise she would quickly be returned. So we worked with her, we learned her quirks and we have fallen in love with her.

Diamond is still a puppy at just over a year old and has lots of puppy energy. She has periods where she is energetic and playful and other times where she Just want to snuggle and be nearby. She thrive with consistency, structure and routines. First thing in the morning she is excited as soon as you open the door. She is ready to go out and run some energy out. She loves to play with her puppy friends, chase tennis balls and brings them back, frolic with a stuffy and play tug of war with a rope, leash, or tutu (as pictured below). After ten mins she is ready to come inside to eat breakfast and be with the family.

Inside she looks for where her people are hanging out and wants to be on the bed with you, laying at for feet while your are working, or just hanging out near by.

She gets a treat each time she goes into her crate. Frozen peanut kongs for long hours the days the foster family goes to work.

She will rest quietly in her crate until the foster family gets home.

She will be so excited to see you when you return home from a long day. She will go outside to potty but quickly run to you and possibly knock you over with hugs and kisses. When you pet she she will fall to the ground, roll over on her back and smile The kind of smile that can melt away all the stresses of a long work day.

A lot of work has been put into Diamond to get her where she is today.

The first obstacle was crate anxiety, we had to keep her safe! She busted her way through a few crates before our heavy duty puzzle lock crate came in. Knowing that she cannot escape she started calming in the crate and learning it was a safe place to hang out while foster mom was not there. Foster mom was able to sleep better too knowing she wasn’t getting into things and chewing things that could be unsafe

Fence jumping was the next obstacle, she will clear a 6 ft fence in seconds flat. She enjoys her supervised fenced time/playtime and has learned to go to the gate and paws at it when she wants to come back inside. She will still jump the fence but only if she see a puppy friend outside or a worker’s truck with all the doors open inviting her to take a car ride. We Love car rides, she gets so excited seeing new things, jumps hopes right in as soon as you open the door.

We have spent a lot of time on leash walking. She still needs a little fine tuning and often times she will grab the middle of the leash in an effort to walk herself. Just part of her Diamond charm.

Diamond is just over a year old, about 55-60lbs athletic built. She is a mixed breed. I see Pitty in her face but her long, tall kangaroo legs and longer thicker coat could be possible husky or shepherd, but that would be just a guess. She will keep you on your toes while knocking you over with kisses.

She is crate trained but requires a heavy duty crate to keep her contained. She would not be for someone that doesn’t believe in crate training or doesn’t use the crate properly. The crate is there to keep her safe while waiting for her family to come home! (Available on Amazon.com for about $250-300)

She is good wiht most dogs. She will have to meet your current dog but we do that with all our adoption at our meet and greets. She would also be okay as an only dog as long as she had plenty of toys to play with. Not sure on cats. She is excited to see kids and will run to them. But has not spent enough time with children to see interactions. She gets very excited and would probably knock over a small kid easily. 8 years old and up would be preferred.

Diamond is an online only dog, which means she does not go to adoption events. If you would like to schedule a one on one meet and greet fill out an application. We would love to learn more about you. Then we will schedule a phone interview followed by a meet and greet.

adoption fee is $200. Diamond is Spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchippped and heartworm negative.

To fill out an application visit https://petstablished.com/adoption_form/33868/generic